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Our comprehensive approach to tailor-made greenhouse solutions begins with an initial feasibility study and incorporates all stages of evaluation, development, design, construction, installation and implementation. With that, Agrotech provides support to ensure the sustainable operation of your greenhouse. With ongoing technical, agronomic and commercial support, Agrotech optimizes your growth methods and crop selections to best satisfy customer needs and evolving market demands.


Our company specializes in:

  • Greenhouses and warehouses

  • Rainwater collection systems

  • Heating and energy equipment

  • Heat storage tanks and expansion systems

  • CO2 supply systems

  • Drip irrigation systems

  • Humidification control (high and low pressure mist)


  • Drainage recirculation systems with UV sterilizing

  • Roof sprinkler systems

  • Ebb and flow hydroponic systems for young plants and pot plants

  • Humidification control (high and low pressure mist)

  • PRIVA horticulture computer technology

  • Assimilation lighting systems

  • Ecological/biological control

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